Mad Duck Posters’ latest release is The Phantom of the Opera, by artist Timothy Pittides. The poster is a continuation of the ornate aesthetic Pittides established with his Vices series, and it’s a great fit for the film, evoking classic sensibility and an eerie composition. There’s a lot of nuance and detail throughout, so you know this’ll look great in person.

On sale from Mad Duck Posters this Wednesday, January 25th at 12PM EST.

20″ x 30″ / 3 color screen print / Edition of 125 / $40

20″ x 30″ / 3 color screen print with metallic ink / Edition of 45 / $50

From Pittides: I have been waiting to do a poster for The Phantom of the Opera for over a year. It is my favorite film from the silent film era and my sketchbook has been busy with concepts relating to the film. I wanted to do something different than the other posters for the film that artists have been releasing. The first order of business was NOT to include the Phantom as the Red Death. That ship has sailed. Second, I wanted a design to fit alongside my poster for my second favorite silent film, Nosferatu. Third, I didnt want to focus on Erik himself. I believe the story didnt focus on him as much as it did Christine. Christine was the key to everything, his love, his rage, and his eventually downfall. And on her side, she had to endure so much and did what she had to do for love. I took the mirror as central theme and wanted to portray a feeling of dread, beauty and sadness. I hope this comes across.