I’m going out of my way not to contribute to all the Star Wars spam out there, but this tribute from the art collective Poster Posse is actually worth sharing. Built from a global network of artists, each one has brought their own style to the universally loved series. There’s a lot of cool stuff in here from the new film, as well as the original series.

The art speaks for itself, with some of my favorites below Рvisit Poster Posse for much more.

Laurie_Greasley_The-Force-AwakensLaurie Greasley

STAR_WARS_Orlando-ArocenaOrlando Arocena

ben_mcleod_SIDIOUSBen Mcleod

the_force_awakens_vincent_aseoVincent Aseo

Marko_manev_the_force_awakens_rey Marko_manev_the_force_awakens_ren2 by Marko Manev

salvador_anguiano_new_hope salvador_anguiano_empire salvador_anguiano_return_of-The_jedi3 by Salvador Anguiano