The inevitable showdown we all knew was coming has arrived: The Poster Posse vs. Godzilla! The Posse are clearly the winners here, taking on the colossal beast with a massive collection of art that stands amongst the smartest and most visually stunning pieces we’ve seen for the film yet. These guys are really showing the poster industry what’s up, and I love seeing what they come up with time and time again. Congrats to everyone on their insane work here!

Below are some samples, head over to Blurppy for Phase 1 and Phase 2.

godzilla_patrick_connanPatrick Connan

godzilla_fergusonMatt Ferguson

godzilla_marie_bergeronMarie Bergeron

godzilla_paul_shipperPaul Shipper

ron-guyatt-godzillaRon Guyatt

godzilla_chris_garofaloChris Garofalo

godzilla-andy_fairhurstAndy Fairhurst

godzilla_harlan_elamHarlan Elam

chris_skinner-godzillaChris Skinner