In just under two months, my favorite underdogs are going to hit the mainstream in a big way. I’m talking about the Guardians of the Galaxy of course. There’s nothing like something you love¬†finally getting its chance to shine, and my anticipation for this one is through the roof. Not helping with the wait, are these beautiful posters from the Poster Posse. You know the drill by now, an international collective of artists curated by Blurppy, spreading word about the latest big films through some incredible fan art.

August 1st people – save the date. See Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the project over at Blurppy.

Matt-Ferguson_guardians_of_the_galaxyMatt Ferguson

kaz_oomori_guardians_of_the_galaxyKaz Oomori


rich-davies-guardians-of-the-galaxyRich Davies

gotg_orb_berkay_daglarBerkay Daglar

ImpressionPatrick Connan


gotg_robert_bruno_guardians_of_the_galaxyRobert Bruno

adam_rabalais_guardians_of_the_galaxyAdam Rabalais

Also! Here’s a brand new TV Spot!