Game Informer recently ran a great article about Naughty Dog’s research for their hotly anticipated Last Of Us. In the post-apocalyptic game, the environment is as much of the story as it’s characters and the site pointed to photographers Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre’s Ruins of Detroit series as a possible influence. Over the course of a five-year collaboration, the pair poignantly captured the rise and fall of an American dream, and while we’ve seen things like this in film, the reality is much more captivating/disturbing. Check out an interview with the pair over at It’s Nice That, and see more at their website. They also have a book available for purchase, and a current exhibition (running till 4.5.2012) over at Wilmotte Gallery, Lichfield Studios, 133 Oxford Gardens, London W10 6NE. If you’re in London or passing through, be sure to check it out!