Check out these fun illustrations by artist Emma Munger. She has an entire series of illustrations which turn famous pop characters into  Norman Collins-esque Sailor Jerry pinups, and in this set, she takes on the iconic women of Twin Peaks. Seeing them all together like this I’m realizing how many great female roles there were on the absurd show, and Munger’s unexpected re-imagining is a reflection of their colorful diversity (even Denise gets one!).

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Emma_Munger_Twin_Peaks_pinup_Donna Emma_Munger_Twin_Peaks_pinup_Laura Emma_Munger_Twin_Peaks_pinup_Maddy Emma_Munger_Twin_Peaks_pinup_Shelly Emma_Munger_Twin_Peaks_pinup_Audrey Emma_Munger_Twin_Peaks_pinup_Lucy Emma_Munger_Twin_Peaks_pinup_Nadine Emma_Munger_Twin_Peaks_pinup_Log_Lady Emma_Munger_Twin_Peaks_pinup_Catherine Emma_Munger_Twin_Peaks_pinup_Denise Emma_Munger_Twin_Peaks_pinup_Norma Emma_Munger_Twin_Peaks_pinup_Josie