Nicolas Delort’s Thomas & Martha Wayne poster is now available online! The piece is a part of Geek-Art’s Batman 75th Anniversary tribute which is continuing into this year. I honestly am running out of things to say about Delort, because it feels redundant telling you how incredible his work is. Leave it to him to find a very unique solution to his subject matter and always render it in the best way. This piece is oozing with a dark, gothic atmosphere which is too stunning for words.

Visit French Paper Art Club for the purchase and Geek-Art for more cool stuff.

Nicolas-Delort-Thomas-and-Martha-Wayne-REGReg / 50cm x 70cm / 1 color screen print / Edition of 150 / 40€

Nicolas-Delort-Thomas-and-Martha-Wayne-VARVar / 50cm x 70cm / 3 color screen print / Edition of 55 / 55€

Thomas-and-Martha-Wayne-plexiPlexiglass variant / 54cm x 74cm / 3 color screen print / Edition of 6 / 350€