Grey Matter Art has brought the thunder out with their latest, officially licensed Marvel print for Thor. Art was handled by none other than Matt Ferguson, and as you can see, he delivered – BIG TIME.

There has been an abundance of Thor/Marvel posters over the past few years, but Ferguson’s art still stands amongst the best. He always finds the best way to compose his image, never resorting to clutter or a needless collage of scenes, but always the perfect balance of character and what makes them shine the most. From Loki’s gold horns to the heroic conjuring of thunder, this piece couldn’t be any better.

Thor goes on sale through Grey Matter Art at their Online Shop, Thursday, August 20th. Follow @GreyMatterArt for any updates.

thor_matt_ferguson_regReg / 24″ x 36″ / Screen print / Edition of 250 / $50

thor_matt_ferguson_variantVar / 24″ x 36″ / Screen print / Edition of 150 / $70

thor_matt_ferguson_foilFoil Var / 24″ x 36″ / Screen print / Edition of 150 / $100

From Matt: Thor is one of the best subjects to make a poster about because it is unique film in the Marvel Universe. I love the cosmic aspect to the setting crossed with a strong fantasy vibe. I tried to get that across in my poster by using the rainbow bridge and Bifrost. I also wanted the composition to fit in with the Iron Man poster I have already produced for Grey Matter Art but give the art a more pulpy sci-fi edge.