Hot off his Hawkeye print for Mondo, Tom Whalen is back with Dark Hall Mansion to deliver this absolutely stunning, officially licensed¬†five-print release for The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine. In the making for over a year, this is the ultimate, must-have release for any Beatles fan and as you can see below, Whalen’s unique aesthetic is a perfect pairing for the 1968 film. Each of the set’s five 18″ x 24″ prints lovingly recreate a theme or moment from the film, and will be housed in a special folio case, also designed by Whalen. The entire thing is going to cost $300 in a Standard Edition of 797 sets, with 68 Variant ($450) and Elite ($675) Editions each offering their own distinct color ways, all going on sale May 29th, 2012. If you ask me, Dark Hall and Tom Whalen totally knocked this out of the park, so make sure you head over here to read more about the project, and click on the pictures below to see them way bigger!

UPDATE: Check out the variant now!