If you missed out on Thomas Danthony’s beautiful Vertigo poster the first time around, Black Dragon Press has the APs. It really is a lovely print, taking one of the film’s most iconic scenes and showing it to us from another angle. The composition is a highly refined one, making use of negative space to draw our eye into some perfectly placed details.

Visit Black Dragon Press on Thursday, February 4th, at 3PM GMT for the score.

Thomas_Danthony_VertigoAP edition / 18″ x 24″ / Screen print / Signed and numbered / £60 ($86)

From Danthony: I love the original poster by Saul Bass, as a classic movie poster it was a pleasure to dive into the movie again to create my own version. I wanted a new point of view for the fall scene with an endless fall / vertigo feeling. For me, Vertigo is articulated around that scene which actually happens twice with different characters. I tried to highlight that loop effect of endless falling with the story repeating itself. We can’t see who is falling and which man is in the tower, so it’s up to the viewer to place it in the movie.