Vice Press and 2000 AD aren’t going to let Zarjaz!‘s 40th Anniversary come and go quietly. Taking place during the month of September, Vice Press has curated Zarjaz! An Art Tribute To 40 Years of 2000 AD featuring the fanzine’s biggest characters. Dredd, Bad Company, Strontium Dog and more will be in attendance, and bringing them to life are a handful of comic book legends. You can expect art from Jason Edmiston, Carlos Ezquerra, Dan Hipp, Florey, Godmachine, Tula Lotay, Chris Weston, Raid71, you name it, only the best for this fine show.

Peep the flyer down below as well as some previews. Zarjaz! An Art Tribute To 40 Years of 2000 AD will take place at The Gallery at Munro House, Duke Street, Leeds from September 1st to September 30th. More info can be found at Vice Press or the official FB Event Page.

Zarjaz 40th Anniversary FlyerBrett Ewins Bad CompanyBrett Ewins

Carlos Ezquerra Strontium Dog Carlos Ezquerra Strontium Dog VariantCarlos Ezquerra

Chris Weston Strontium Dog Chris Weston Strontium Dog  VarChris Weston

David Aja DreddDavid Aja

Jake Lynch DreddJake Lynch

Jock DreddJock

Michael Cho Dredd Michael Cho Dredd VarMichael Cho