bm-reallove-700Sometimes a song is just so good, you can’t stop listening to it. I unwittingly wear out and obsess over one song (more or less) each week , and every weekend (give or take), I’ll be sharing that jam with you right here!

This week’s song is from SF New Wave outfit Beautiful Machines. I had never heard of the band before that track, and after going back and listening to their previous album, I wasn’t impressed – but this track, “Real Love,” is a different story. I was immediately hooked by its propulsive beat, the guitar with just the right amount of reverb to it and the hypnotic verses. It’s like something you’d want to hear in the distant future, late at night in a bar under neon lights. Needless to say, I was hooked without a problem – now it’s your turn.

Temperatures are getting hot in LA this weekend, so here’s something to cool things off. via