Fernando Reza has once again teamed up with CHUD for their CHUD Salutes series, this time tackling Stanley Kubrick’s mighty, The Shining. Dare I say, this is one of the best things Reza’s ever done and is a clever mashup of all the things we love about Kubrick’s enigmatic masterpiece. I love how everything is literally connecting and converging with each other, just as the way the film does in so many sinister and unsuspecting ways. Just look at the way he’s managed to throw in the rushing tide of blood down at the bottom — genius!

These are available right now, straight from Reza at his websitevia

The Shining - You've Always Been The Caretaker by Fernando Fro RezaYou’ve Always Been the Caretaker / 18″ x 24″ / Giclee print on matte archival paper / Edition of 150 / $45