If there’s one thing the X-Men films are consistent on, it’s their terrible movie posters! Today, the Poster Posse changes that with Poster Project #6. Curated by Don at Blurppy, the crew has delivered their take on the upcoming superhero epic, and naturally, they’ve created some stunning art – far better than what’s currently out their of the film. If I were the folks at Fox, I’d work out a deal to offer some of these as prints.

Below are some samples, check out Phase 1 and Phase 2 at Blurppy.

x-men_days-of-future-past-rich_daviesRich Davies


x-men_days-of-future-past-marie_bergeronMarie Bergeron

PrintPeter Gutierrez

x-men_days-of-future-past-robert_brunoRobert Bruno


x-men_days-of-future-past-patrick_connanPatrick Connan

x-men_days-of-future-past-magneto_berkay_daglarBerkay Daglar

x-men_days-of-future-past-harlan-elamHarlan Elam

x-men_days-of-future-past-daniel_shearnDaniel Shearn

x-men_days-of-future-past-joe_vetoeJoe Vetoe

x-men_days-of-future-past-salvador_anguianoSalvador Anguiano