Following an opening reception, art from Dan Mumford’s co-op show with Jeff Boyes are now available online. Called¬†Both Sides, the exhibit is a celebration of iconic heroes and villains scattered thoughout the history of cinema.¬†As usual, Mumford’s delivered a set of very nuanced pieces, packed to the brim with details and some of our favorite film moments. Seriously, how hot are these!?

Visit Gallery 1988 to see the entire exhibit, including Boyes’ contribution and purchase links. via

dan_mumford_both_sides_t2 dan_mumford_both_sides_kill_bill_2 dan_mumford_both_sides_mad_max dan_mumford_both_sides_alien dan_mumford_both_sides_robocop dan_mumford_both_sides_army_of_darkness dan_mumford_both_sides_blade_runner dan_mumford_both_sides_big_trouble_little_china dan_mumford_both_sides_conan dan_mumford_both_sides_escape_from_ny