This Saturday, November 12th, Creature Features in Los Angeles will be home to Labyrinths And Monsters, a Guillermo del Toro art tribute curated by artist Chogrin. The exhibit will feature a collection of artists from around the world, including The Book of Life director Jorge R. Gutierrez, and more, and will run from this weekend until Sunday, November 26th.

The exhibit is tied to Pan’s Labyrinth’s 10th Anniversary – hit up Creature Features and Chogrin for more.

chogrin_labyrinths_and_monsters jorge-r-gutierrez_labyrinths_monstersJorge R. Gutierrez

brendon-flynn_labyrinths_monstersBrendon Flynn

craig-gleason_labyrinths_monstersCraig Gleason

carly-janine-mazur_pacrim2Carly Janine Mazur

erik-m-gist_labyrinths_monstersErik M Gist