Alan-Moore-show_pieces_castFew names in the comic book world are as celebrated and revered as that of Alan Moore. Responsible for such acclaimed works as From HellV for Vendetta and Watchmen, Moore’s words and creativity brought about a push towards adult themes (along with a healthy dose of self-awareness and the surreal) within the confines of monthly comic books typically thought of as throwaway junk for kids – Moore wasn’t making disposable fodder for the lonely teen brain, he was making art.

When Hollywood came a’calling in hopes of taking Moore’s stories to the silver screen, he wanted no part. In each case of his work being adapted, Moore’s attitude was always that the material was created for the comics format and didn’t need to be translated to the screen. This led to his lack of involvement ranging from being totally hands off to requesting his name be completely stricken from any involvement whatsoever, even in the face of millions of dollars lost to him in the process.

Which brings us to the present, where Moore is taking his creations directly to the screen in a new series of films called Show Pieces. The work is listed as an occult thriller and features Moore writing, for the first time, directly for the screen. Moore also maintains an ongoing creative role throughout the creation of the piece which is broken up into three short films, all directed by photographer Mitch Jenkins. The three shorts star Siobhan Hewlett (Sherlock, Torchwood), Darrell D’Silva (Dirty Pretty Things, RSC) and Andrew Buckley (Wallander), and are part of a much bigger project known simply as The Show, which is described as “a richly detailed, multi-episode, non-linear world”.

Show Pieces will be making it’s debut May 6th in a handsome box set containing the collected shorts on DVD, a book containing the original screenplay, storyboard illustrations by Kristian Hammerstad and a soundtrack CD featuring original songs written by Alan himself.

Pre-orders are available now for the physical release, and the films will hit iTunes, Amazon and Hulu sometime in May. A special screening of Show Pieces is also set for May 8th at the Barbican in London with Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins in attendance for a post-screening Q and A. Visit Lex Records for more.


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