We’re pretty much at the eve of Thor: Ragnarok’s release, and Hero Complex Gallery is celebrating with style. Their latest show is an official collaboration with Fandango, Grey Matter Art and Marvel, with a host of artists set to unveil their personal tributes to the God of Thunder’s latest film.

As a massive Taika Waititi fan, I can’t wait to see the film, and what’s in store for HGC’s exhibit.

Opening night is Friday, October 20th, and everything will be on display until Nov 5th. Visit Hero Complex Gallery for more info – to help track attendance, RSVP’s to info@hcgart.com are encouraged.

thor ragnarok HCG dan mumford flyerFlyer art by Dan Mumford

thor ragnarok HCG kimJisoo Kim

thor ragnarok HCG gonzalezJosan Gonzalez

thor ragnarok HCG tony hodgkinsonTony Hodgkinson

thor ragnarok 100% soft100% Soft

thor ragnarok HCG chungChristina Chung