Jonny Greenwood Phantom Thread soundtrack cover artIt’s no secret that I think Phantom Thread is one of the year’s most beautiful films. Just one of the incredible aspects of the film, is its score, which marks another fruitful collab between director Paul Thomas Anderson and Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood.

This is absolutely Greenwood’s crowning achievement with Anderson thus far, and even while watching the film, I couldn’t wait to get this soundtrack on my hands. Lucky for us, Nonesuch is releasing the score early next year, with digital orders releasing 1/12/18, a CD on 2/9/18, and finally a vinyl release 4/21/18.

Listen to “House of Woodcock” below, and head over to Nonesuch to pre-order. via

Full tracklist:
1 Phantom Thread I 3:36
2 The Hem 2:43
3 Sandalwood I 2:40
4 The Tailor of Fitzrovia 2:31
5 Alma 4:07
6 Boletus Felleus 3:13
7 Phantom Thread II 3:55
8 Catch Hold 2:15
9 Never Cursed 3:46
10 That’s As May Be 1:27
11 Phantom Thread III 2:22
12 I’ll Follow Tomorrow 1:22
13 House of Woodcock 3:53
14 Sandalwood II 3:43
15 Barbara Rose 4:40
16 Endless Superstition 3:05
17 Phantom Thread IV 2:59
18 For the Hungry Boy 3:36