Last of Us Part 2 Trailer We were all stunned by the announcement of a new Last of Us fame, and the initial trailer was more moody and emotional than scary and gritty. This new trailer, released Paris Games Week is a total about face. The clip doesn’t feature series favorites Ellie or Joel, but introduces a handful of new characters in perhaps the most dire situation we’ve seen yet.

There’s no context provided for the scene, and one of the main characters (guessed to be Ellie’s mother) remains shrouded in mystery. What isn’t up for debate, is that the clip is unflinching. It’s frankly hard to watch much of what’s going on here, but it does set a new precedent for the game. If anything, this sequel is going to double down on the desperation and brutality that marked the first game’s struggle for humanity, and I can’t wait to see where they take this.