Los Angeles is a melting pot of art, people and the unexpected, and what better way to celebrate that than with a trio of amazing local artists? The talent in question is Vivian Shih, Bijou Karman and Juliette Toma, all of who lend their unique sensibilities to the vibrancy around them. They upcoming group show is titled, The Land Around Us, and will be hosted by Co-Lab Gallery.

About the show: LOS ANGELES: Diverse lifestyles; mundane and strange. Bubblegum pink on tan skin. Passing faces hidden away in individual neighborhoods. The Land Around Us is a love letter to our home, Los Angeles. What began as a fun collaborative zine by artists Bijou Karman, Juliette Toma and Vivian Shih has now expanded into a series of works with a unique take on their city.

The Land Around Us opens March 18th, with an opening reception that runs from 7-10PM. Hit up Co-Lab Gallery for more info.

Vivian Shih

Bijou Karman

Juliette Toma