It’s sobering to think that kids born before the mid-90s will never live the video store experience. I was lucky enough to come into the world just as mom and pop video stores where nearing their death knell, and getting to browse physical shelves full of films waiting to be rented is still an unforgettable experience.

Recently, Blumhouse’s own Ryan Turek, spearheaded a special pop up experience meant to replicate such a defining point in film history. Housed in Burbank’s Bearded Lady’s Mystic Museum, Slashback Video is a faithful recreation of the horror aisles that used to populate the best spaces of yesteryear’s video stores. By expanding a few racks into an entire shop, Slashback amasses an incredible selection of obscure and beloved horror films, all in VHS of course, and ready for the perusal of LA’s most hardcore cinephiles.

As you can guess, the details of the exhibit are impeccable, right down to the green horror stickers used to proudly identify the genre. Amongst other notable items, are customized VHS cases by local artists (yes, they’re for sale!) and video store cardboard standees. There’s even a photo booth to prove that you visited and trick a few of your friends into thinking you worked a shift at Slashback!

Below is a gallery, but trust me, you’ve got to visit this place before it’s too late.

Full info is at SlashBack’s Facebook, and the exhibit will be up until November 19th!