The Hero Complex doors swing open this weekend to usher us into the worlds of directors James Cameron, John Carpenter, Peter Jackson, Christopher Nolan and Steven Spielberg! This is the L.A. gallery’s second dip into fantastic sights via the Imagined Worlds banner, and like the last, they’ve knocked it out of the park with a stellar lineup of artists paying tribute to some of the most inventive minds in film. Judging by the brief preview below, this is something you aren’t going to wanna miss!

Opening reception is Friday, Oct 17th from 7-10PM with everything on display until November 2nd. Visit the official FB Event Page for full info, online sales are expected to go live at the Hero Complex Gallery website the day after. Also follow @HeroComplexArt for the latest updates.

HCG_Imagined_Worlds_flyer Andy_Fairhurst_ET_Imagined_worldsAndy Fairhurst

Aurelio_Lorenzo-true_lies_Imagined_worldsAurelio Lorenzo

Javier_Vera_Lainez_inception_Imagined_worldsJavier Vera Lainez

Adam_Rabalais-The_Building_Blocks_of_Life_Imagined_worldsAdam Rabalais

PJ-McQuade_the_thing_Imagined_worldsPJ McQuade

Barry_Blakenship_The_Abyss_Imagined_worldsBarry Blankenship

JP_Valderrama_Dark_knight_Imagined_worldsJP Valderrama

Chris_Garofalo_bad_taste_Imagined_worldsChris Garofalo

Kaz_Oomori_titanic_Imagined_worldsKaz Oomori

Liam_Brazier_aliens_Imagined_worldsLiam Brazier

Chris_Skinner-Lord-of-the-rings__Imagined_worldsChris Skinner

Matt_Ryan_Tobin_HALLOWEEN_Imagined_worldsMatt Ryan Tobin

Raj_Kahtri-dark_knight_Imagined_worldsRaj Kahtri

Robert_Bruno_saving_private_ryan_Imagined_worldsRobert Bruno