Artist N.E. and New Flesh Prints have gone all out with this official poster for the 40th anniversary of William Friedkin’s The Exorcist. To this day, the film remains the best possession film ever created thanks in part to its sincere approach to faith, God and the Devil. Never using such heavy subject matter for empty thrills, the film probes the immense danger that spiritual warfare can have and does it without pulling any punches. As a fitting tribute, N.E.’s print is one that speaks volumes with it’s simplicity and is striking from concept to execution. This is definitely one of my favorite pieces of his, and a great way to get into the season’s spirit.

The piece goes on sale tomorrow, 10.29.13 at the New Flesh Prints store around midday, Austin time. Follow @NeNewflesh and @newfleshprints for the latest updates! Below you’ll find a few words on each poster straight from N.E.

NE_new_flesh_prints_Exorcist_RegRegular / 18″ x 24″ / 8 layers (1 metallic) on 100lb French Whip Cream / Signed and numbered / Edition of 50 / $50

From N.E.: About a year ago I was commissioned to create a poster to commemorate the movie The Exorcist. The 40th anniversary was coming up and it was going to be a nice thing to celebrate the film. The Exorcist, while being one of the scariest films of all time, is ultimately about a priest’s crisis of faith, guilt, and ability to fight and a very personal spiritual battle. I tried to convey this emotion and intensity with contrast and oppressive shadows in the illustration. By using a more stark composition, I hope to achieve a singular or at least striking image. In the end, the print was approved and given the go ahead to be printed by the film’s director William Friedkin. I was floored when he also generously offered to sign the variant run. 

NE_new_flesh_prints_Exorcist_Var NE_new_flesh_prints_Exorcist_HandsVarSm NE_new_flesh_prints_Exorcist_Var_Titles NE_new_flesh_prints_Exorcist_Arches_Watermark NE_new_flesh_prints_Exorcist_Arches_EmbossedSm NE_new_flesh_prints_Exorcist_Var_SignedVariant / 18″ x 24″ / 8 layers (1 metallic) on 140lb Arches Hot Press Watercolor / Includes two deckled edges and Arches watermark embossed logo / Signed and numbered (including a signature from director William Friedkin) / Edition of 25 / $150

N.E. on the variant: Since I first started printing posters I have always been interested in using different papers and materials to print on and with (Holy water, anyone? wink). While most screen prints use fairly good paper to print on they are ultimately not made to stand the test of time. This fact (and the urging of my mentor and guardian angel John Davis) led me to use Arches on the variant run. This paper is incredible and literally will last generations.